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A day after he made a categorical declaration in his native Davao City that he is not a candidate for president, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte received a rousing welcome fit for a presidential candidate in three Metro Manila cities.

Duterte first punched a hole at the Navotas City Hall where city officials and employees led by Mayor John Rey Tiangco gave him a swarming welcome.

The chopper which carried him from his hotel landed at the helipad on the rooftop of the Navotas City Hall.

After alighting from the chopper, Duterte descended down the flight of stairs to the mayor’s office which should have taken only a few minutes.

Instead, Duterte ran smack into an ambush interview by TV networks which the mayor obliged as he normally does. As a result, it took him 32 minutes to traverse 11 steps.

Tiangco welcomed Duterte in his office crammed with employees and supporters chanting "Duterte!"

The scene was replicated in every floor until the mayor left the building as workers lined up for selfies which has become a ritual wherever he goes.

On the way to the City of Malabon University (CMU), Duterte’s caravan drew applause and cheers from people who lined up the streets for a glimpse of the mayor.

When he entered the CMU grounds, jumping and screaming students who had been waiting for hours under the searing heat of the sun welcomed Duterte whom the emcee introduced as “ang nag-iisang idol ng bayan”.

The mayor’s speech was not much different from his previous speaking engagements where he lamented Mindanao’s plight under a centralized government.

“I am not a candidate,” Duterte stressed at the start of his speech, reiterating the 12-minute declaration he made in Davao City the previous day.

The reception he received, however, showed many people have not given up on the clamor for his candidacy.

People packed the streets to cheer Duterte as his motorcade took him around Malabon. Perhaps, they did not hear the news, or perhaps they just refuse to believe. Whatever the reason, it was every bit a welcome for a conquering hero.

At certain points, the caravan had to come to a full stop as people invaded the streets to get a glimpse of the mayor as shouts of “idol!” repeatedly erupted in the air.

Duterte obliged the crowd by opening the door of the van to pump flesh with fans, some of whom waved home-made welcome streamers.

Later in the evening, Duterte was guest of Greenhills traders in San Juan which was expected to be not much different from the first two.

Notwithstanding the mayor’s categorical pronouncement that he is not running, the Duterte fever is sweeping Metro Manila.

At the rate things are going, it has become a test of wills between the man who said he would not run for president, and the growing mass that insists he should.

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