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Mark Lapid graces symposium on youth empowerment


MARAWI CITY — The Philippine Eagles and the JMIF Eagles Club held a Symposium on Youth Empowerment through Tourism at the Quadrangle of Jamiatu Marawi Al-Islamia Foundation (JMIF) in Moncado Kadigilan, this citylast August 26.

Mark Lapid, General Manager of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) was guest of honor during the symposium attended by hundreds of students.

Lapid shared some inspirational words to symposium participants including students of JMIF and of Lake Lanao College.

At the end of his message, Lapid announced his plan to run for the Senate in 2016.

Lapid was welcomed by Eagles dignitaries in the city led by JMIF President Sultan Nasser D. Sampaco, Lake Lanao College president Wahab, JMIF vice president Dr. Cabib D. Abdul, Eagle Alag Martin, and other dignitaries in the Eagles fraternal organization

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