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Peace and order situation in Marantao peaceful but volatile

MARANTAO, Lanao del Sur - Police Inspector Alonto Mambuay Arobinto, chief of police of Marantao disclosed recently that the peace and order situation of the municipality is peaceful but volatile on account of threats made by lawless elements.

Arobinto, who was chief of police of Buluan, Maguindanao before his assignment in Marantako, said that sometime ago the joint police-military personnel manning the checkpoint along the Marantao Highway arrested an individual for illegal possession of firearms.

He said the arrested suspect had initially identified himself as Suaib Acoon but later identified himself as Suaib Ali. He said the police filed the case of illegal possession of firearms before the office of the prosecutor.

He said after three days, four (4) persons who identified themselves as MILF base commanders and members of the so-called ADJAG negotiated for the suspect’s release.

He said he told the 4 commanders to talk to the police provincial commander and negotiate for the release of the suspect. He said that the 4 commanders returned to his office and told him that the provincial commander is agreeable to the release of the suspect, but when he asked for the written order from the police provincial commander, they can not show any document prompting him to deny the request.

The 4 commanders insisted that the suspect be released so he told them to file a bail bond for the suspect’s release since the case had already been filed with the prosecutor’s office. He said upon hearing of his suggestion, the 4 commanders became angry and threatened to hostage him or attack the police station.

He said the incident prompted him to order a red alert among his personnel. He said the police force is battle ready to prevent any untoward incident. He said the threat makes the situation volatile. He said the suspect has a pending warrant of arrest for being involved in a murder case.

The police operatives have also arrested a drug user in the community.

Police Chief Arobinto also said that the police and local officials have amicably settled ten (10) family feuds or rido in Marantao. He said the support and cooperation of the municipal mayor, vice mayor and the members of the sangguniang bayan facilitated the amicable settlement of the family feuds.

The police chief said he expresses his gratitude to them and to the good people of Marantao for their support and cooperation with their police.


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