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Sarimanok Press Club holds elections anew

By Rocaya Sumndad Otical

Masiding Noor Yahya, founder and editor-in-chief emeritus of The New Ranao Star, and club president, said he had called for the elections to give way to those who wanted to be leaders in the club.

During the elections, Yahya, who is also media coordinator of ARMM’s Bureau of Public Information, immediately resigned from his position as club president and asked the body to choose a president they like to lead them and elect other qualified officers who were willing to sacrifice for the benefits of the club and its members.

It is worthy to note that that eight of the supposed fifteen founding members were present.

In the minutes of the meeting of the club held at its office, an excerpt reads:

“Before the meeting was called to order, Prof. Mas Yahya, president of the club, designated Noraimah Abduljaber “Rean” to act as temporary secretary and asked her to determine if there was a quorum by a roll call.

“There being a quorum, the meeting was called to order. It is worthy of note that eight (8) of the fifteen (15) original founding members were present.

“The president reiterated the agenda for today’s meeting as specified in the Written Notice of Meeting:

“Affirmation of Membership to the Club

“Election of New Set of Officers as clamored by a few of the founding members.

“Induction Program.

“The president lamented that there were a few members reported to be accusing the president of using the club for his personal interest. He said there was even a move of some who tried to call for a meeting with an agendum, among others, of asking the president to report on the past six-month activities of the club. He said it was ironical for them to call for a meeting when the president is still active and functioning. Therefore, he then asked the bonafide members to give their comments and opinions.

“Some members said only those who don’t like the club to prosper has such negative attitude. Others said they envied the achievements of the president in a short period of time.

“Everyone present signified their loyalty to the club. It was agreed that those members who were absent may re-affirm their willingness to remain as members by attending the next meeting with proper notice or by informing the officers, or may re-apply for membership afterwards.

“Only practitioner with recognized media outlet can be bonafide member of the club. Membership Fee is P100.00 renewed every year.

“Before the snap election was held, it was agreed that to be elected first is the Board of Trustees, who shall then elect from among themselves the executive officers.

“They had unanimously asked Prof. Yahya to remain as president for no one is competent enough to be as such.

“The following had been unanimously elected as Trustees and executive officers:

“Masiding Noor Yahya, President; Frank E. Dosdos, Jr., Vice President for Iligan and Lanao del Norte; Salahaddin Bubong, Vice President for Marawi and Lanao del Sur; Noraimah Abduljaber, Secretary; Hanifah B. Otical, Treasurer; Salahuddin Edres, Auditor.

“Trustees are: Almairah Tomambiling, Phil Pa-alan, Teresita A. Dalman, Nanayaon Gambao, Rashid Bangcolongan.

“Standing committees shall be elected during the next meeting.

“The body agreed to tentatively hold the Induction cum Familiarization and Study Tour on September 4, 5 and 6 or at a later dates.” The New Ranao Star

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