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That school named Mapandi still leads in its own right

First of Two Parts

“At Mapandi, Learning is Fun and Meaningful.”

Through all these years, that adage has been one of the guiding principles shaping up students of Mapandi Memorial Medical and Educational Center towards academic excellence and quality education.

Mapandi, as it is well-known to refer to the college, is an old school that, modesty aside, still leads in local health education despite present social upheavals in the region of which education is greatly affected.

Never in the Maranao history that schools have proliferated both in the Islamic city of Marawi and province of Lanao del Sur and that the quality of education of our students and youth suffer that, whether we like it or not, the local students are far left behind their peers in other parts of the country.

Despite these cruel circumstances, Mapandi Memorial Medical Center is still the leader of local health education in its own right.


In the history of Mapandi Memorial College lives the spirit of the late Gonaranao Mohammad Faiz Mapandi.

Mapandi Memorial College started as Clinica Mapandi in 1973 situated at Saduc, Marawi City and renamed Mapandi Memorial Hospital in 1975.

In 1978 Mapandi Memorial Hospital School of Midwifery was established, a breakthrough that opened health consciousness to the Maranao womenfolk until in 1984, the Mapandi Memorial Medical and Educational Center Inc. was established and resulted to the expansion of offering the College of Nursing and the High School for girls.

In 1978, the college of Medical Technology was added to the curricular offering. With enough manpower skills and expertise in fundamental education, the College of Education was again established in 1990 to avow the goal of excellence in academic excellence.

Separation unit to take care of the Islamic values, religion and moral values, Islamic Seminars, the Mapandi Research and Islamic Foundation (MA’RIFA) was organized in 1997.

The College of Computer Science, in response to innovation technology, was established in 1999.

The Preschool and Elementary were added to the offering until 2002, the college of Management Accounting was also offered to cater the needs of the public.

From the humble beginning of the late Dr. Gonaranao P. Mapandi, Sr. and his ever supporting lady, Hadja Faisah Untao Mapandi, the MMMEC, Inc. rose to success with excellence. Truly, the MMMEC, is strongly established due to its 37 years of existence fuelled with the administration of the present president, Datu Faizal U. Mapandi, with the full support of the brothers and members of the family like the chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr Moh’d Gonaranao U. Mapandi, Jr.,D.M., the vice president, Datu Faiz U. Mapandi, the Medical Director Hashim P. Mapandi and Hadja Faizah U. Mapandi, the corporate Treasurer, who joined in the full attainment of the school.

Indeed the legacy left by Dr. Mapandi is truly a school of excellence in Marawi City, the BEST LEARNING CENTER that delivers QUALITY EDUCATION. 

to be continued
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