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“We wanted a Christian to Run for Governor” – Lantud


The original Liberal Party (LP) of Lanao del Norte wanted to have a Christian run for Governor against the ruling Dimaporo family.

Vice Mayor Lacson Lantud of Pantao Ragat whose wife Neshreen Eleanor Dimaporo Lantud was reported to be running for Governor, come 2016, told newsmen last week that their party had offered the nomination to a Christian candidate this 2016 as they had done in previous elections because Lanao del Norte is predominantly inhabited by Christians.

He said that no more Christian was interested as they have chosen to run in their respective municipalities.

He explained that his wife accepted the nomination because nobody would run for Governor among the Christians and other leaders of Lanao del Norte against candidates that would be fielded by the present administration.

He said that his wife, the present Mayor of their municipality is qualified to run and she has demonstrated in their municipality that service with a heart can do many good things for the community.

Pantao Ragat is the cleanest town in Lanao del Norte where almost all the roads in the Poblacion are paved,

Most of the barangays are accessible through farm to market roads, as seen by newsmen who frequently cover the municipality.

Lantud said that despite having no support at all from the national and provincial government, their municipality has achieved its present development through proper use of local resources.

Pantao Ragat has a flourishing agriculture, the base of its economy, according to its Municipal Development Officer.

Relationship among Christians and Muslims is excellent that peace and order has not been disturbed for years, it was learned.

According to Lantud, their town was never disturbed during the Bangsamoro rebellion and they never allowed the passage of rebel forces through his municipality.

Lantud is confident that if elected his wife could lead the people in replicating the conditions prevailing in Pantao Ragat throughout the province of Lanao del Norte.

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