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Angging graces 41ST Inf Bn 32nd Anniversary

Camp Allere, Salvador, Lanao del Norte – Representative Imelda “Angging” Q. Dimaporo of the First Congressional District of Lanao del Norte was the Guest of Honor during the 32nd Anniversary of the 41st Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army stationed here.

Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Virgilio M. Noora, Inf (GSC), told guests and members of his command that that they have chosen Dimaporo as their Honored Guest during the occasion in recognition of her full support to his unit especially that they have not been here for long.

It was noted that concreting of the national road from Maranding Lanao del Norte to the hinterlands of Salvador through the efforts of the Dimaporos have almost reached this inland camp.

Furthermore, Noora said that the support of the Dimaporos (Representatives Imelda Q. Dimaporo and Abdullah D. Dimaporo of the first and second congressional districts, respectively and Governor Mohammad Khalid Q. Dimaporo) has greatly helped in their mission of maintaining the peace and security and assisting the Philippine National Police in law enforcement.

In her speech, Dimaporo assured that she and her family assures that there is peace and order in the province because there is unity among Muslims and Christians.

She said that peace is necessary to continue the economic development in the province.

She noted the establishment of business outlets from Linamon down to Kapatagan (Escept Maigo which she did not mention).

She put emphasis on the establishment of the Coal Powered Plant in Kauswagan.

It was learned that the 41st Infantry Battalion first took roots in Tarlac.

Then it was assigned to the Cordillera Region and later to the Bicol Region before it was dispatched to Lanao del Norte.

The assignment of the battalion in the Cordillera region may have brought more influence to its history that one of the intermission numbers of the program was a folk dance of that region where men wore G-strings.

Regarding the dance number, Congresswoman Dimaporo jokingly told newsmen not to report that it was a “Playboy-Playgirl” show for it was just a folk dance from the highlands of Luzon brought to the lowlands of Lanao del Norte.

Salvador Mayor Hassanor Tawantawan accompanied by his wife and Municipal Administrator Johnny Tawantawan were among the civilians given awards of distinction during the occasion. TNRS

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