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Engr. Guiling

Progress, what is progress? How can we achieve progress? How will a certain community work for its progression? These are just few of the many questions that an individual and the community were asking within themselves.

Progress can be achieved if there is a good leader motivating the people to work for their progression. Needed is a leader that leads the community, the society towards transformation and socialization to step-up socially and economically.

As the province of Lanao is into its gradual improvement, its municipality are also on its way of progression. One of those is the municipality of Masiu because of the arise of the name RMG in which the people define it as “The Right Man to Govern”, where literally, it stands for Romil Mitmug Guiling. A strong name owned by a soft-spoken man that possess a charismatic persona wealthy of bright ideas and plan, have a creative mentality in governing, and entwined with all of these is a brave man having a strong will and a brave heart to face and take the risks and challenges in governing to become a good public servant.

Due to his will to serve his community, and in partnership with the Masiu Phangampong Eagles Club where he stands as the Chapter President, and coordination to the Samahang Magdalo Group in which, he is also a bonafide member, ensemble to other civic organizations in Masiu, RMG organizes and conducted series of activities such as the “Pamamahagi ng tsinelas” where the beneficiaries are the orphans and morit (pupils) of the 33 torels and school madrasahs in the said municipality. He also initiated the re-opening of the Irrigation and was also the one behind the canaling in the boarder of Masiu and Poona Bayabao in collaboration with the MTRC (Masiu Transportation Radio Communication) and MPRC (Masiu-PoonaBayabao Radio Communication) to avoid vehicles being stranded when it rains. RMG also organized the Masiu Tennis Club and conducted several tournaments in Masiu such as the Tennis tournament where elder groups of Masiu participated and a Basketball tournament with the cooperation of the MSU-CHS PTCA, and a first ever FUN RUN participated by more than 400 runners was also organized by him. A Hataw session for healthy lifestyle was also been an activity every Saturdays in Masiu motivated by him. And because RMG’s also been aiming for Masiu to produce competent leaders in the future, he sponsored a free SASE Review to Senior High School students. An Inter-High School Friendship Games with the theme “Bridging the Gap among and between the society, the leader, and the youth of Masiu through sports, music, arts and culture” held at RMG’s Resort in Masiu where different high schools in the said municipality participated sponsored as well by Romil Mitmug Guiling. An under construction Warehouse for Farmers Association was also donated by Romil. He is also the current chairman of the SIYAP Cooperative. RMG Resort and Function Hall, as well as a Sports Complex was also been inaugurated in which the said facility is open to the constituents of Masiu.

Programs, activities, events that’s been organized by RMG aimed for re-unity, and to break the wall built in the society that causes gaps and agony in the people of Masiu because of RIDO. The said events nwas also been a bridge to reconciliation, and even become a way to imbued friendship and sportsmanship.

In addition to his accomplishments, series of medical mission was also been conducted in Masiu such as the Free Eye Cataracts screening and operation in partnership with the Medical Team of Tamparan District Hospital headed by Dr. Potre Disomimba Ali and the Tamparan Medical Foundation Incorporated Hospital, where cataracts patients that will undergo minor operation were transported from Masiu to Tamparan, shouldered by RMG. He as well, sponsored free eyeglasses given for free to those screened patients with eye cataracts.

Aiming for progressive Masiu, RMG’s prime priority is to provide reliable health services and livelihood programs as well as Youth empowerment because he also believe that the Youth is the Hope of the Nation.

RMG is this, RMG is that… But who is RMG?

Romil Mitmug Guiling is a descendant of one of the well-known royal clan in Masiu. Born on the 29th of December 1960 at Masiu Lanao del Sur. A licenced Civil Engineer. Married to Bae Ramisa Lawi Pangandamun Guiling and blessed with 6 children, 5 boys and an unica hija. Almost all his children inherit his determination and have been successful in their field of professions, 2 Certified Public Accountants and 3 Licenced Engineers and the youngest one following his footsteps is reviewing to become a civil engineer. A loving husband , and a disciplinarian father. That’s what Romil is. In his paternal line, RMG is a nephew of Late Sultan Buntalis Guiling (Sultan of Masiu), the father of Regional State Prosecutor Datu Ramy Guiling, and Late Dimalutang Guiling, former chief of police in the Islamic city of Marawi, who engrave a legacy during his time for implementing peace in order in the city. On his maternal side, Late former mayor of Lumba Bayabao Datu Mohammad Lamping Mitmug is his kin as well as Retired Commissioner Datu Rasul Lamping Mitmug Sr. and Retired Director of DPWH Pundidato Mitmug.

Tracing the bloodline and knowing his kins, perception for RMG to lead an effective and good governance through becoming a public servant already runs in his blood and will continue running in their next generations in God’s Will. But now, the urge and eagerness is raging in his nerves to acquire changes and unity and to stand for a better MASIU.

They say that “to become a good leader to the society, you must first be a leader to your family.”

Dedication, Determination, Flexibility, are factors of leading a good governance, not just to your family, but to the society.

And even not yet been an official public servant, but had implemented more than an official public servant will.

For progress, good governance, empowerment, for the people.. that’s what the name ROMIL MITMUG GUILING is for. TNRS

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