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Casiple: “Don’t count out Duterte” By SERAFIN LEDESMA, JR.

Mayor Duterte
By Serafin Ledesma, Jr.

Political analyst, Ramon Casiple, thinks Grace Poe banks principally on the popularity of her late father Fernando Poe Jr. but thinks that that slim edge is not enough assurance for her to win the Presidential derby.

In an interview over a Manila-based radio station that is simultaneously aired in Davao City, Casiple said that Poe’s strongest rival is Vice Pres. Jejomar Binay. Casiple skirted Mar Roxas saying election is too far away.

Moreover Casiple warned that if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte decides to run there will we radical changes in the political fates of the already declared presidentiables.

Casiple asserted that Duterte cannot be counted out as yet. “I personally knew, he has a history of filing his certificate of candidacy in the last minute” he said. He said do not ever think Duterte does not matter. “Today, Mindanao will go for Binay, but the moment Duterte runs the popular Davao City mayor will rake all the votes off Binay and the other presidential wannabes in his favor. And do not forget Visayas, especially the Cebuano speaking regions, will cast their sympathy votes for Duterte”, Casiple stressed.

Mayor Duterte who has been wooed by organized people organizations and business executives from the capital region to run for President has so far been consistent with his statement that he is not in the running, that he is not qualified and that he does not have the wherewithal to bankroll a presidential campaign. In his most recent statement before a formal press gathering he sounded like he has finally slammed all doors to the presidency.

However, in response to a question asked days later whether he is not really running, he said, “it ain’t over til it’s over”, which means the future can always be altered. Thus the speculations continue and Casiple is one political analyst who believes Duterte will file his certificate of candidacy on the last minute.


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