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One of the tartanilyas providing 
nightly transportation to local and 
foreign tourists around selected 
city streets. (Photo from Councilor 
Michelle Sweet)

ILIGAN CITY - The winners in the Tartanilya Painting Contest, one of the events in the month-long Diyandi Festival, was bared last Monday by the jurors whose names were withheld.

SP Committee on Tourism Chairman Michelle E. Sweet-Booc told the New Ranao Star that the winning artists were Chrismark Gaston – 1st prize, No. 2; Henry Cocos – 2nd prize, No. 19; and Jacinto Geronimo – 3rd prize, No. 8.

Jurors’ choice were No. 11, Myla Secuban; No. 12, Alnel Manuel; No. No. 9, Restituto Abrau; No. 17, Jobert Manatad; and No. 16, Nian Jade Banaag.

The winning artists won P15,000 – 1st prize, P10,000 - 2nd prize, P7,000 – 3rd prize, P4,000 each per Jurors’ Choice and P2,000 consolation prize to all the other contestants.

Tartanilya owners also won P8,000 – 1st prize, P6,000 - 2nd prize, P5,000 – 3rd prize, P4,000 for each of the Jurors’ Choice and P2,000 Consolation Prizes for all the other contestants.

The Event Committee repaired for free all the Tartanilyas that participated before the painting contest began and also provided the paints used.

Tartanilya Painting Contest has been going on for years in which 20 dilapidated units are repaired by the Event Committee and painted by local artists.

Sweet said that the contest encouraged the operation of beautiful tartanilyas as a form of livelihood for the owners and the drivers and to preserve this form of transportation as part of the cultural heritage of the City.

It also gives the local artists a medium to show their talents.

It may be noted that Tartanilyas are still operating today in only two cities in the country, namely Iligan and Vigan in Ilocos Sur.

During the Diyandi Festival the Tartnanilyas provided transportation in selected city streets for local and foreign tourists.

Frank E. Dosdos, Jr./The New Ranao Star

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