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Iligan Diyandi feast goes smoothly

Finalists of the Search For Miss Iligan 
2015 seated before members of Iligan Press
 (Photo by Irma Boza)


ILIGAN CITY — Preliminary activities of the city’s season-long events went on smoothly according to the Over-all Diyandi Festival Executive Management Board Chairperson.

Ms. Agnes Clerigo-Maingat, the board chairperson, reported that all the events including the Search for Miss Iligan 2015, Maharlika 2015 and Little Mr. and Little Miss succeeded according to plan.

The Search for Miss Iligan 2015 culminated in the evening of September 27 at MSU-IIT Gym.

She said there is no truth to rumors that that there were problems among the organizers and candidates.

Acting Mayor Ruderic C. Marzo was dismayed to hear rumors spread by unidentified spoilers that one of the candidates for Miss Iligan was raped.

The candidates said the rumor was untrue during a meeting with Iligan Media at a restaurant in Barangay Canaway.

Marzo exhorted the public not to believe in unconfirmed rumors, saying that there are quarters out there who will do anything to disrupt the various events during the Diyandi Festival.


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