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Kosovo opposition lawmakers hurl tear gas in parliament: Video

Angry opposition lawmakers in Kosovo have thrown tear gas in the parliament chamber during a noisy protest over a government deal with Serbia that would give the country's Serb-majority areas greater powers.

On Thursday, the furious lawmakers released tear gas from two small boxes which were placed near the parliament podium.

The parliament session was immediately cancelled as smoke filled the chamber.

Medical authorities dispatched at least four ambulances outside the parliament to provide first aid to those affected by the incident.

At least two worst affected female parliamentarians were rushed to hospital to receive necessary treatment for tear gas inhalation.

Earlier, opposition lawmakers tried to delay the session by throwing eggs and blowing whistles at governing coalition MPs.

Also last month, the opposition pelted Premier Isa Mustafa to prevent him from addressing parliament over the ongoing dialogue with Serbia.

The government in a statement strongly denounced the opposition's latest "violent behavior", saying it had "exceeded all bounds of institutional and democratic behavior."

Opposition members have been furious over an accord brokered by the EU in August between Kosovo's government and Serbia.

In 2011, then Perlis mufti Dr Juanda Jaya said the state had issued a similar ban some years earlier

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