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ADSUM gas station offers variety of services to the public

MARAWI CITY – Bai Johan Sumndad, manager of the ADSUM Gasoline Station  with Global Fuel located at Marantao, Lanao del Sur said that their gasoline supply   tanks are clean as they are procured from regular gasoline suppliers like Petron, Seaoil, Shell and similar gas suppliers through their tanker agents.  

She said the gas supplies are delivered sealed and with serial number.  She said the gas station does not accept tampered delivery gas supplies. She said their gas supplies are not procured from the dumping vessels where the tanks at the upper deck is reported to be clean while the tanks at the lower deck is reported to be unclean.

Bai Sumndad said that the price of gasoline in Lanao del Sur is relatively cheaper than in other cities as she admitted that the gasoline business in the community now faces stiff competitions because of the “bote-bote” stores which have mushroomed in many parts of Marawi and Lanao del Sur. She said the boto-bote stores adopt certain schemes to increase the volume of their gas supplies by mixing it with other liquid substances.

Manager Sumndad suggested that big gas suppliers should take definitive steps to stop, if not, minimize bote-bote stores as they are highly dangerous.

Manager Sumndad said the gas station strives for better service and customer satisfaction.  

She said the gas station is equipped with other facilities, like grocery and snack inn, bakery and restaurant, optical clinic, basketball and badminton courts, prayer room for Muslim faithfuls, and soon to be established will be a function hall and catering. She said the services of the gas station is gasoline and air.  She said the gas station meter is calibrated daily to ensure that the customer gets what he or she paid for.

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