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Rogong, left, in a one on one interview with Ranao star’s 
Phil Pa-alan. RSO

wants public servants to be visible, accessible at all times, if not, most of the time

Marawi city

Jalanie Rogong has filed his certificate of candidacy for provincial board member of Lanao del Sur and hopes to be of service to the people, especially the less gifted, less fortunate and economically battered Lanao constituents.

Jalanie Rogong is a holder of BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and a businessman by occupation.

He is currently the president of the Lanao Eagles Club and regional vice president of the ARMM Regional Eagles Club.

Rogong said as president of the Lanao Eagles Club, he has extended food assistance to the Lanao folks, especially on the occasion of calamities and during the month of Ramadhan, the fasting month of the Muslims all over the world.

He has also conducted feeding program among children in schools in partnership with other public and private organizations.

Rogong said he would work for the visibility, accessibility and responsiveness of public officials. “Public officials should be visible, accessible, and responsive to the welfare and interest of the citizens always, if not, most of the time,” Rogong stressed.

. He said when the people needed the intervention of public officials for their community problems, these public officials should be there to respond to the needs of the people and to find ways and means to find solutions to their problems.

Jalanie Rogong , who is a first timer in politics, is a guest candidate for provincial board of the ruling Liberal Party in the province.

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