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Lanao del Sur I Schools Division to hold 3 in 1 event

Lanao del Sur-I Schools Division Superintendent Pangandaman
(center) flanked by editors of Ranao Star in an interview. RSO
Marawi City

Schools Division Superintendent Normillah Sumigay R. Pangandaman of the Lanao del Sur I Schools Division disclosed recently that preparations are underway for the holding of the 3 in 1 event, which include boy scouting, girl scouting and division meet. She said triple event will be participated in by school children from 37 school districts in 17 towns of the province.
Supt Pangandaman said that the current problems in the school division include lack of classrooms, lack of teachers, and lack of instructional materials. She said the school division officials are taking definitive steps to resolve the problems with help of the government for the benefit of school children.

Supt Pangandaman said that 17 schools out of the 37 high schools in the division will participate in the implementation of the K to 12 program, particularly junior and senior high school program. She said teachers who will handle the junior and senior high school classes had already been trained but not yet accommodated.

Supt Pangandaman said the school division which has over 4,000 teachers, continues to implement its regular school programs. She said the school division tops in performance in English but lags in other subjects. She said the performance in high school for other subjects I roughly 73%, whule in the elementary level is 53%. She said soame schools are not performing well because of lack of instructional materials.

Supt Pangandaman said to help finance school projects, she has written a book on the teaching of Islamic values in schools. She said the book is patronized by school officials including the teachers. She said the book is earning some money for use in our school activities.

Recently the school division had launched the Love Math Festival participated in by school children in grade levels 7,8 9 and 10. In fact in said math contest, Team No. 25 from Piagapo was adjudged champion.

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