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Leaders should have heart for the people, especially the less fortunate -- Solitario

Omar Solitario Ali stood near podium when Maradeca's 
Ibrahim Salic read civil declaration for peaceful election. RAPPLER

Marawi City

Former City Mayor Omar “Solitario” Ali, who served a 3-year term as city chief executive of Marawi, disclosed recently that development undertakings in communities should be implemented with the employment of the generally accepted principles of development.

He said that developed countries are employing the generally accepted principles of development in undertaking development projects in their respective communities. 

Ali said a lot of balancing will have to be made in undertaking development initiatives. He said the people should feel freedom, that they do not feel suffocated, or oppressed, that respect for the environment is observed, and that existing laws are respected. He said people by nature are good, it is only when there are leaders who are not good that people tend to be indifferent, uncooperative and even rebellious towards development undertakings. He said the leaders need not convince the people to support and cooperate in the development process. He said that the people will participate in the development process if they see that the development initiatives would benefit the community. He said “If you want something done, the undertakings should be implemented by morally upright, strong, committed, motivated, just, compassionate and knowledgeable work force.” He said the leaders should have a heart for the people, especially the less fortunate ones and those suffering from economic difficulties. He said a sense of balancing should be observed to sustain life on earth.

Former Mayor Ali, who is running for another 3-year term as city chief executive, said that the people should be provided with services that they deserve.

Former Mayor Ali. a law degree holder, is a graduate in development management from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), the school for development managers and administrators in Asia.

Former Mayor Ali was reacting to claims that the improvement of Marawi depends on the establishment of income generating projects like tourism related undertakings that tend to improve society and economy.

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