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Marawi Padian vastly improves, says police

Batalo (right) is interviewed by The New Ranao Star 
Marawi bureau in-charge Phil Pa-alan. RSO

MARAWI CITY - Police Officer I Saprolah Batalo, Padian In-Charge, said that the market situation now has vastly improved. He said the market is being cleaned every day and the weighing scales in the market are being checked every week. He said market police monitors the market situation from morning to afternoon to ensure the safety of the people doing marketing in the “padian.”

Police Officer Batalo said that stealing in the market has greatly reduced. He said a detention cell had been installed by the market police to detain people who commit crimes in the market. He said the detention cell is in full view of market goers. He added that since City Market Superintendent Salic assumed office, he has renovated the police market office providing it with glass window, cement tiles flooring with TV and DVD sets with funds provided by the OCMS.

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