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Market Czar Samir adopts new safety, security measures in Padia

MARAWI CITY - Hadji Abdul Nafi “Samer” Makil Salic, City Market Superintendent is adopting appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of the market goers, ensure that the market goers get the commodities in quality and volume they paid for, and ensure easy mobility while in the market place.

Salic said that the Office of the City Market Superintendent (OCMS) is coordinating closely with other city offices to ensure public safety and security, cleanliness and sanitation and other similar concerns. 

He said his office coordinates with the police in matters of safety and security, the General Services Office (GSO) in matters of garbage collection and disposal, and such other appropriate offices on matters of other market concerns. 

He said the OCMS is doing its level best to ensure cleanliness in the market within the limits of their resources. He said the office also ties to ensure customer satisfaction by getting the commodities they need at fair market price. 

 He said the office has installed the Timbangan ng Bayan in strategic place in the market to ensure that the volume they paid for is the volume they receive. He said, “If they paid for one kilo of fish, they should get one kilo of fish and not less. That’s why the weighing tools the ‘timbangan ng bayan’, are provided to measure the volume they paid for.”

He also said the obstructions in the road way in the market place had been removed. He said the market goers have now “elbow room” while doing marketing.

The City Market Superintendent encouraged the city residents to visit the market place to see for themselves the changes that have taken place, saying “The market place now is better unlike before.”

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