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Ramos proposes innovations in Marawi, Lanao del Sur

By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr. & Rocaya Sumndad Otical

MARAWI CITY - Improvements can be done to improve peace and order conditions and sanitation in this City.

PSSupt Siegfred Ramos told The New Ranao Star in a meeting last weekend that peace and order can be improved by putting Checkpoints at main entrances to the City from adjoining areas.

It would also help to tell the public that peace and order is everybody’s concern and that the police can be more effective if the public is quick enough to pass information to them.

“It is not necessary that civilians helping in maintaining peace and order should be armed,” he said. “Informing the police promptly is good enough assistance that the public can give.”

He also proposed to redesign the intersection at Sarimanok where many killings including that of Supt. Al Abner Santos had been perpetrated before and other intersections where traffic flow is not smooth.

He said that by eliminating bottlenecks that obstruct traffic assassins could not carry out their criminal intentions.

On the garbage problem, he proposed that wheeled (like trailers) garbage containers with shutters to keep flies away be installed in strategic areas throughout the City where people can dispose their trash and just be towed away periodically.

The tow trucks would bring another garbage container to replace the full one when they pull the latter away, he added.

Of course, this will work if a sanitary landfill has been constructed at a suitable place or a Central Material Recovery Facility is available where segregation could take place, biodegradable materials are processed to fertilizer and non-biodegradable materials properly classified for re-use or recycling, he pointed out.

Ramos told the group that he was once Marawi City Police Office Station Commander during the time of Mayor Omar “Solitario” Ali and he could recall that they were quite effective in maintaining peace and order and garbage disposal at that time. thenewranaostar

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