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By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.
Marawi City

If elected Governor, he will tackle the problem of RIDO as it is the major barrier to development.

Incumbent Mayor of this Islamic City Fahad Salic who is running for Governor of Lanao del Sur told newsmen last week that his top priority is to minimize if not totally end RIDO or clan feuds if the people of the province will give him a chance to serve.

He said that the province has many problems but he believes that first and foremost RIDO must be given utmost attention because it is a major obstacle to progress.

Peace and order is affected by RIDO and when it is precarious development programs and projects cannot be carried out smoothly.

Family feuds must be settled amicably and if not, these must be resolved through the legal process, it was said.

There are civic movements in this Islamic City campaigning to end RIDO but these seem to be poorly supported by government leaders.

It has been observed that the young generation wants RIDO purged from the Maranao culture. tnrs

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