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Do we really talk of True Peace ?

Everyone endlessly talk of peace, spending so much money and effort now, and while those so-called peace advocates who are getting money from both foreign and domestic government as well as private organizations, keep telling us that we are succeeding in our desire for peace, the more we witness rampant and proliferating disturbances manifesting that peace is becoming elusive.

Those rampant killings, kidnappings and other heinous crimes happening endlessly in our midst which are mostly unreported are not a joke.

Is the peace that we are talking about the real peace we need? Or is it the unilateral peace that the big powers are imposing upon the world in order to sustain their world domination?

I am talking of the kind of peace they impose in the Middle East and especially in the Muslim world.

If it is this kind of peace that the big powers want to impose upon us through their funded, controlled and directed government organizations and civil society groups, then expect what is happening in Syria, in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and other countries these powers are interferring in the name of peace or democracy, to happen in this part of the world.

In fact the symptom is being felt already. We witness or hear of people being killed or shot randomly or individually in Marawi City by unknown perpetrators that the police either denied to have had happened or could not identify or refuse to identify the perpetrators.

The problem is that rumors in the air have it that perpetrators are non-Muslims shooters.

We even heard that one or a few had been suspected as plainclothes government asset or operative.

We know this situation happens where intensity low conflict is being executed so that once a place is in trouble or chaos because of the rampant killings and other heinous crimes, the big powers will come in allegedly to restore peace and security in the place.

Of course, their cohorts — their funded CSOs — will lead the request for them to come in to help for justification.

And one they are in, expect for the worse. Sporadic fighting will nsue until it becomes a full scale war, just like what is happening in the Middle East.

Peace cannot be attained if it is imposed upon a people because it is a disrespect and desecration of a people’s belief and culture. And definitely, that people will uprise and fight back once they realize that the peace is being imposed to perpetuate the domination upon them.
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