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Ampatua hails Ganassi town progress

Ganassi, Lanao del Sur

Lanao del Sur II Schools Division Superintendent Zenaida Ampatua has shown appreciation for the progress and development taking place in Ganassi.

She said the projects being undertaken by the local leadership are needed by the community.

She said although we lag behind in development compared to other areas in the country, we are pursuing our projects through the assistance of our leaders.

She said DepEd which is the biggest bureaucracy in the country lacks school facilities, as she stressed that the curriculum K to 12 aims to cope us with quality education.

She said, “We are implementing junior ( Grade 7-10) and senior (Grade 11-12) high school.” She added, “We need your support and cooperation because education is every ones concern.”

“You are our partners in progress,” she said.

She appealed to everyone to support the senior high school. She said by June 2016 opening, senior high school will start but the construction of school buildings had not yet been completed.

She said other schools divisions in the country have completed 50% of their constructions, but we in the ARMM have not yet procured the materials for the construction of school buildings.

She said we have only four months to prepare, as she thanked everyone for the opportunity and chance to be with the gathering at the People’s Day.

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