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gives priority on kalilintad, kawiagan, basura, traffic etc.

Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

Vice mayoral candidate Anouar Abedin Romuros Abdulrauf is much concerned in REFORMING MARAWI and tops his priority to contribute in the transformation of Marawi into a better place to live, especially on peace and order, economy and livelihood, solid waste proper management, and traffic congestion, which are among his platforms in running for the number two post in the Islamic City.

A former Senior Board Member of the 1st District of Lanao del Sur (2010-2013), and incumbent acting Barangay Chair of Paridi in the city since April 2015 to date, Anouar told Ranao Star Media Group in an exclusive interview that “The good constituents of Lanao del Sur know that when I was Senior Board Member of the province’ first district, I have helped a lot in solving rido. I have also helped in the improvement and development of various barangays”

Rido is a Maranao term the nearest meaning of which is family feud.

Anouar said there are agencies tasked and responsible to address peace and order problem. “But what we can do,” he said, “is to coordinate with these agencies and ask for their immediate response to arising situation.”

Anouar was renowned for his skill in solving rido. Among the many rido he was able to solve is the settlement of a rido that happened in the vicinity of defunct Libyan Hospital between the family of ABC president Alioden and a family from Ramain in which two were killed.

Another rido that Anouar was also able to settle was the rido involving those killed in Calocan at the height of the Coco Scam. “We were able to solve this rido,” he said.

Anouar Abedin Romuros Abdulrauf is running for the city vice mayor not for his personal interest but for his concern in reforming the city. Everybody knows that his family is among the well-off families in the city. Considering that vice mayors do not receive much or satisfactory financial returns, Anouar has to make sacrifices should he become vice mayor.

Anouar believed “the good people of Marawi and the province of Lanao del Sur know how we stand, and they know that the problems we are facing are our own making.”

“As for my candidacy for vice mayor in the city, it is the idea and plan of the good people of Marawi.

“As for me, perhaps we know that I was a senior member of Lanao del Sur provincial board (being elected number one Board Member for a three-year term from 2010 to 2013) and that is a good position. But I am running for the city vice mayor with the intention of helping the city mayor for the improvement and development of the city.

“If my intention in running is for personal interest like position or money, everybody knows that my family is already satisfied with our simple living. But it is for my love of the city that compels me to run. It is how I can bring my idea, my concern, and my help to our people.”

When asked on the local economy and livelihood, Anouar said he has always been discussing with Assemblyman Majul Gandamra (now candidate for city mayor under whom Anouar is running as vice mayor) how to help in this aspect.

He said, “We have to consider and solve the problems of the traders and business establishments in the market, in providing goods and services to consumers who always complain on the messiness of Padian.”

He was happy to mention that the assemblyman (Majul) has a program for that.

“If we are given chance (to win), we have to find solution to make Padian clean and orderly.” He cited the need for more equipment to augment the services to the public.

Another thing the former Senior Board Member emphasized is to require vendors put tag price to their products for sale because that is one of the consumers requests as they know there is an agency in charge for that like the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Anouar also said they have helped a lot of cooperatives by indorsing them to the provincial cooperative office for assistance.

On the problem of TRAFFIC congestion along Perez Street, Anouar said, “What we need is initiative. We lack the courage and initiative to study how traffic problem is solved in other progressive cities like Davao. We can visit these cities and ask their assistance to train our traffic enforcers.”

Speaking of Basura (Solid Waste), Anouar said the city does not have enough equipment. “In this cae, he said, we have focus on the City General Services Office (GSO).”

“If we need manpower, we have to hire more workers; if equipment, we have to provide more equipment; if we need budget, we have to increase the budget (for this purpose),” he said, adding that “today we see less workers and we must add more, so that this may (solve our basura problem and) make a clean Marawi.”

Anour’s ADVOCACY is to continue the task entrusted him by Governor Bombit Adiong when he was Board Member as chairman of Peace and Order Committee. Even if he did not run for re-election in 2013 elections, he still continues helping in settling Rido in the Islamic City of Marawi and in Sapolo ago Dowa Ingud.

When he was appointed chair of Barangay Paridi, he spent the first Internal Revenue Allocation (IRA) for street-lighting of the barangay. The community was so happy for having to walk around the barangay no longer in darkness.

Anouar would be glad to see “our friends and relatives in Marawi visit us and see what we have accomplished.”

In sum, Anouar’s advocacy is to continue working for the welfare of the barangay and the Islamic City by helping settle rido as well as development.
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