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The American Citizen who served as Mayor of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte despite having been disqualified twice from running for the said position is now facing multiple charges due to allegations that he led a violent attack against the supporters of Mayor Florante Capitan.

Rommel C. Arnado was charged before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office last weekend of Arson, Frustrated Murder, Grave Threats and Coercion by over 20 Complainants including three who sustained slight gunshot wounds, former Board Member Casan Maquiling told newsmen early this week.

It was reported that the three wounded were hit when supporters of Arnado fired at them in the evening of January 9 while they were resting under the portable sheds that Mayor Florante T. Capitan set up a few meters away from the municipal building.

15th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army Commander LTC Leomar Jose Doctolero told newsmen that witnesses saw the armed men together with Arnado came out of the latter’s residence.

He said that his troops tried to pacify the group but the latter did not stop and a few minutes later opened fire, some pointing their guns upward while others fired at different directions.

Wounded were Cesar Montebon Salvanera, Benjamin Gutang and Lita Jagos all supporters of Capitan.

As Capitan’s supporters scampered for safety the supporters set the portable tents on fire.

Maquiling said that he was the complainant in the Arson case because he owns the tents borrowed by Capitan.

The tension between the supporters of Capitan and Arnado began when the supporters of Capitan came to take over the municipal hall last January 4 since the Stay Order issued by the Court of Appeals against the assumption of Capitan as the duly elected Mayor was lifted last August.

Arnado refused to vacate claiming that he has filed a supplemental Motion for Reconsideration and he still have many judicial remedies to invoke. FEJrTNRS
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