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DepEd-ARMM Orders Macatanong Retirement

Frank E. Dosdos, Jr. & Rocaya Sumndad Otical Noor Yahya
Marawi City, Philippines
January 11, 2016

After over two years of legal skirmishes with the Marawi City Schools Division Superintendent, DepEd-ARMM finally ordered the compulsory retirement of Mona A. Macatanong.

In Memorandum Order No. MO-340, dated 21 December 2015, DepEd Regional Secretary Dr. John A. Magno advised Macatanong that she was “deemed to have reached the compulsory retirement age of (65)” on October 18, 2013.”

Hence, Magno ORDERED Macatanong to cease and desist from further exercising the functions of the Office of the Schools in Division Superintendent of Marawi City.

The Memorandum Order further directed Macatanong to “clear yourself from any money, property and other accountabilities in Marawi City effective immediately.”

It also stated that the BAFOSS shall “reflect this order in the employment records of Macatanong.”

Finally, the RPSU shall exclude Macatanong in the payroll.

It may be recalled that DepEd-ARMM ordered and advised early in 2014 Macatanong of her compulsory retirement on October 18, 2013.

Macatanong contested the that her retirement will be on October 18, 2016 because the Civil Service Commission had approved the correction of her Date of Birth from October 18, 1948 to October 18, 1951.

The matter was brought to Court until it reached the Court of Appeals.

According to the said Order, the Court of Appeals in its decision last December 04, 2015 in CA-G.R. SP No. 06266-MIN,06392-MIN and 07012, ruled:

“WHEREFORE, the Amended Petition for Annulment of Judgment in CA-GR SP No. 06266 MIN is hereby GRANTED. The decision dated June 2011, rendered by the Regional Trial Court of Marawi City, Branch 9 in Special Proceeding Case No. 1918-09 is ANNULLED and SET ASIDE. Consequently, private respondent Mona A. Macatanong is deemed to have already reached the compulsory retirement age of sixty-five (65) years by October 18, 2013 and has no right to continue or prolong her tenure with the DepEd-ARMM beyond said date, nor continue to receive salaries and emoluments from the DepEd-ARMM, nor administer the funds pertaining to the Office of the Division Schools Superintendent of Marawi Division of DepEd-ARMM which she occupied.

On the other hand, for the reasons discussed above, the Petitions for Certiorari in CA-GR SP Nos. 06397 MIN and 07012-MIN are rendered moot and academic by the Court’s decision in CA-GR SP No. 06966-MIN.”

During the Teachers Day Celebration on December 28, 2015 at Kilala Division office, Macatanong announced that the December 04, 2015 decision of the Court of Appeals is not final and executory.

She then declared that she has filed a Motion for Reconsideration and the same has not been resolved.
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