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Editorial. Professionalizing Journalism in Mindanao

The dream to professionalize journalism in Mindanao has been around since nobody knows when yet until now it has admittedly not come true. It is probably because while it is a noble profession it is not a lucrative occupation.

Only those who love and cherish the ideals of recording and reporting events as they happen endure the challenges, difficulties and dangers that abound with every breath that they take.

The officers and members of the Sarimanok Press Club who cover the two cities of Marawi, the two provinces of Lanao and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao put upon themselves the pursuit of professionalizing journalism in the region as they took their oaths of office last December 15 at the Marawi City Hotel Resort in the MSU-Main Campus, Marawi City, before the Honorable Judge Wenida B. M. Papandayan of the Regional Trial Court of Lanao del Sur, Branch 10.

Indeed, the task that lie ahead is tremendous. First, the members have to go through a series of seminars and trainings in order to acquire the right attitude and skills needed as journalists.

Second, they must be aided to earn a decent living. A soldier marches when his stomach is full. It is this deficiency in human existence that usually degenerates a promising journalist into a paid hack who twists the truth to advance the interests of those who have the power and money.

In this pursuit, the Press Club needs the backing of ordinary but gifted citizens who believe that the truth shall set a people free.

It may be noted that the Ranao Sarimanok Press Club operates within the Bangsamoro territories and immediate neighbors. In this situation, it is envisioned that the pillars of Islam will help strengthen the resolve of all including the community at large to make Journalism in this part of the country a sanctuary of truth and justice guarded by professional individuals bound together by a common goal.

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