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Mapandi school focuses on Senior High School opening

Marawi City, Philippines

Madam Fairozha Mapandi, coordinator of the College of Management Accounting (CMA) of the Mapandi Memorial Medical and Educational Center (MMMEC) disclosed recently that the MMMEC is concentrating its efforts in the preparation for the entrance of the senior high school students by the opening of classes in June 2016 under the K to 12 program of the national government.

She said the entrance of the senior high school students requires greater preparation on account of the assignment of teachers to handle senior classes, training of teachers to handle senior high school classes, instructional materials and the room accommodations for the new entrants or enrollees.

Mapandi said that she is satisfied with the performance of the school administrative officials, faculty members and employees for maintaining the quality of education in the institution. She said the school maintains its good ratings in board examinations, especially the nursing graduates. She said the graduates of the nursing school who took the board examinations maintain high percentage ratings which is about 53% passing percentage, compared to graduates of other courses of the same institution.

Coordinator Mapandi said that some 500 students are currently enrolled with the MMMEC and 300 are in the college level. She said the school graduates are performing well in national examinations.

Coordinator Mapandi advised prospective enrollees in the college level to choose the courses offered by the school that interest them most and enroll in the course. She said the potential and prospective students once enrolled in the courses of their choice should focus on their studies and learn as much as they could in school and outside of the school. She said the knowledge and skills acquired from the school and outside of the school could be helpful in their struggle in the outside world and in building a brighter future for themselves, their families and the community at large. Under DepEd Order No. 41, series of 2015, the curriculum of the senior high school include 31 subjects: 15 core subjects and 16 track subjects with 7 applied track subjects and 9 specialized subjects.
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