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Mona gives valedictory address

Marawi City, Philippines

Marawi City Schools Division Superintendent Mona A. Macatanong virtually gave her valedictory address to the Teachers and employees of the division during the celebration of Teachers’ Day, Monday at the Division Office quadrangle in Kilala, Angoyao, this City.

In her message, Macatanong told the audience that the occasion “might be my last year of celebrating the “Teachers’ Day and my last year to give awards to acknowledge outstanding achievements.”

Macatanong would reach her 65th Birthday on October 18, 2016, the mandatory retirement age for civil service employees.

She thanked the teachers and employees for their cooperation and support for her and her family.

“After more than 40 years of public service, lots of efforts, energy and sacrifices have been exerted and experienced. I produced hundreds of learners who are now professionals, guided teachers while in their teaching career and helped teachers to grow and (be) promoted to higher position. You have achieved your dreams in life through me,” she said.

“My heartfelt thanks for your sympathy and consoling words. Your company at the time of anger, bitterness and is much appreciated. When time comes in October 18, I will eventually say goodbye to my dear colleagues,” she continued.

Her lasts few years in the service have been characterized by controversies: first with the then ARMM Governor and now with the incumbent ARMM Governor and DepEd-ARMM Secretary.

The then ARMM Governor relieved her in the division and assigned her at the DepEd-ARMM Regional Office for which she protested and refused to comply.

The incumbent did not recognize the correction of her birth certificate from October 18, 1948 to October 18, 1951 and attempted to send her on compulsory retirement on October 18, 2013.

She also contested the last intended personnel action and fought the case all the way to the Court of Appeals.

So far there are indications that she would bring the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Finally, she reminded her subordinates: “In life, never remain under anyone’s shadow, except that of a great teacher. This is a piece of wisdom we are all happy to follow.” The New Ranao Star

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