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MSU regents to receive netbooks

MICel Director Vilela-Malabanan (1st-left) demonstrates to Dr. 
Mary Joyce Z. Guinto-Sali (2nd-left) University and BOR Secretary 
on how to operate the netbook. Each of the members of the BOR 
are provided netbooks using their own google accounts.

By ASA “Maraz” MADALE 

MSU-Marawi City- Dr. Joyce Z. Gunto-Sali, University and Board of Regents Secretary of MSU System recently disclosed that in the finalization of the paperless meetings of the BOR, her office has already received the netbooks that will be distributed to the members of the Board of Regents for their ready use.

Secretary Sali emphasized that the netbooks are Google Drive ready, with each laptop personalized and synchronized for every BOR member with their Google accounts.

Earlier, during the training on paperless Board of Regents meeting (part-2) held at MSU main Internet Service Center of College of Information Technology (CIT), on October 27,2015, Ms Selah Lemma Mae C. Omamalin, Executive Assistant I office of University Secretary lectured on "activating msu.edu.ph accounts of MSU Campus Secretaries" enhancing paperless office good environment.

This was followed by the lecture of Secretary Sali on "Complete Staff Work (CSW) in Agenda Preparation to ensure and maximize the early submission of their agenda materials that will form part of the BOR discussion during the meeting.

The utilization of these netbooks will enhance, for the campus chancellors and their secretaries will learn how to 1) minimize the chance of miscommunication by understanding what people are really saying, and why; 2) make use of proven active listening skills to improve your ability to gain helpful information; 3) be able to facilitate, guide, and close discussions in one-on-one or group settings; 4) improve understanding and communication by giving and receiving good fedback; 5)use ideas submitted by a member of the team without causing other members to be defensive; 6) develop a comprehensive team strategy that improves productivity of the whole team; 7) emphasize the value of working toward common goals without devaluing individual accomplishments, and 8) define and set up a method to track staff activities, communicate effectively with both superiors, peers and subordinate, Secretary Sali added.

The University secretary together with Regent Datu Esma Mikee P. Maruhom inspected the netbooks delivered by the company.

The inspection of these netbooks was properly done and coordinated with the help of the MSU-IIT Center for eLearning (MCel) and the Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC)-(FSS) of MSU-IIT.

The BOR secretariat headed by Secretary Sali extends its gratitude to MICel and Director Cenie, Dr vilela-Malabanan, and Ms Nenen Borinaga, ICTC Director Professor Dante Dinawanao and the student volunteers with the preparation of the netbooks.

Likewise, the MSU-IIT administration for the technical assistance. Our very active and fatherly MSU System President Dr. Macapado A. Muslim for his all-out support in the OUS's bid for paperless meetings.

The first full-phase of the paperless meetings will be on the upcoming 223rd BOR meetings this December 2015. This is another great step of the Mindanao State University System towards world-class university, Secretary Sali said.

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