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Opinion. Kapamagodasa: An Effective Mode of Meranao Traditional Lea

Kapamagodasa is a Maranao word of consultation. It is an effective mode of Meranao traditional leadership. It is an avenue in which the traditional leader can directly solicit constructive ideas from among his followers. Even in a larger society, it enhances intimate relations and mutual understanding and finally provides consensus among the people. So, a leader in all types of organizations must seriously consult people to gain their obedience and support, to ventilate his programs and other matters affecting his leadership. He should invite positive thinkers and those who have the expertise and knowledge on leadership programs and vision to constructively participate in the consultation.

This mode of leadership is basically enshrined in the Qur’an, where Allah says:“ And consult them in affairs (of moment) then When thou has taken a decision put trust in God for God loves those who put their trust in Him.” (3:157) In another verse, Allah says: “O you nobles! Give me your opinion on the problem with which I am now faced I would never make a (weighty) decision unless you are present with me (27:32) Based on these Qur”anic verses, socio-political leader should follow the right path of consultation which has been observed in society.

Kapamagodasa or consultation is a manifestation of people empowerment, the active involvement of the people in the delivery of public services to attain organizational goal and vision. I personally believe, and the people may have the same belief, the importance of consultation in running the affairs of the government and the society.

Meranao leader through Kapamagodasa can instill a new sense of discipline in running the affairs of the traditional society. He can institute reforms and vigorously seek to instill discipline among the general public through his will and just enforcement of the Taritib and Igma, the Meranao traditional laws. Hence, there is going to be meaningful harmony between his leadership and the people.

In order to ensure the speedy execution of programs for the community, Meranao leader can do his best to listen to and address the people sentiments and problems. This leadership attitude, I think, can win the hearts of the people.

Through kapamagodasa, Meranao leader is therefore expected to attain people’s collective stand to strengthen and have unified, critical consciousness, self-confidence and empowerment and to make them active participants in all affairs of the society..

A renowned local media leader, Prof. Ali Bangcola Panda, Ph.D. is president of Almorshid Research and Da’wah Center, Inc. He was Dean of King Faisal Center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies of the Mindanao State University, Marawi City, Philippines. — Ed

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