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Vice Annie assumes as acting mayor of Ditsaan Ramain

Ditsaan Ramain, Lanao del Sur

To perform the duties of the municipal Mayor of Ditsaan Ramain vacated by the elected Municipal Mayor who was dismissed by the Ombudsman, the Vice Mayor was installed by the DILG ARMM and Lanao del Sur last December 6, 2015.

Vice Mayor Anna Mahlyne “Annie” M.A. Macarampat told newsmen lately that representatives of the DILG Regional and Provincial Office came to Ditsaan Ramain and installed her as Acting Mayor.

It appears that elected Mayor Ali Adiong was dismissed based on the Decision of the Ombudsman on an Administrative Case filed against him about two years ago.

Macarampat said that she does not intend to make any major changes except follow up the implementation of projects of the present administration for the rest of the term that will end on June 30, 2016.

She, however, disclosed that she had relieved the Acting Treasurer designated by her predecessor.

She added that in the meantime she has not made any disbursement of funds due to some adjustments with the municipality’s depository bank.

“The municipal employees have not been paid their salaries and wages for the month of December 2015,” she said adding, “Nag-abuno lang muna ako.” (In the meantime, I use personal funds).

She said that she hopes the issue with the bank will be resolved as soon as possible.

Annie expressed sadness with what happened to the Mayor saying that they had been functioning smoothly during his incumbency.

“Our municipality is a very peaceful place,” she said.

She also expressed worry about rumors that the Mayor is in hiding because she is “hunting” him.

“There is never any truth to it,” she said, adding that she had assumed as Acting Mayor at the instance of the DILG to avoid paralyzing the basic services of the local government.

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