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In a recent meeting of the Good Governance Planning of the Islamic City of Marawi, one of the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod implied that the soaring criminality in the City is orchestrated to put the present administration in bad light.

It was pointed out that most of the victims are not from the city and probably the culprits are from outside too.

Whether the observation was a wild guess or a conclusion derived from factual data was not very clear. However, if it is true, then the community is in danger.

If indeed the aim of the perpetrators or those behind the crimes, mostly murder, is to embarrass the present administration then it is safe to conclude that the motivations are political in character. This places the community in a very sad and perilous situation.

And what makes matters deplorable is that if those behind the soaring crimes are politicians, they should have not done these in the first place because the general welfare should not be dumped beneath personal interests.

Politicians are supposed to be interested to serve - not to profit. Hence, forcing oneself to get elected is abominable

Manipulating the situation to make one’s political rival look bad, is clearly against the will of Allah.

Candidates must focus on making the electorate know their person, character, values, education, potentials and performance. In doing so, they must be convincing or persuasive enough to gain the voters appreciation and sympathy so that the votes go to them come Election Day.

If the rising crime rate in Marawi City is due to politics, then it must stop now. Not only that lives are lost but the general image of the city is getting very bad outside. And the impression might include the whole of Lanao del Sur.

Outsiders might ask, “Are these people ready for the autonomy that the Bangsamoro Basic Law would provide?”

We can only hope, on the other hand, that politics does not have hand on this peril. TNRS

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