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By Irma Boza
Iligan City
February 14, 2016

The detained Mayor of Iligan City allegedly manhandled a woman who claims to be his political leader in the 2013 Elections on the latter’s visit to him at the City Jail on Thursday, February 11.

Yvone Marie Yancha Antolihaw told Media that being the President of the Sendong Survivors Homeowners Association, she visited Mayor Celso G. Regencia at the City Jail at the prodding of a certain Vilma Villarin Mercado known to be a supporter of the Mayor to air the problem of the survivors now residing at Caritas Village in barangay Luinab.

Antolihaw narrated that when she told the Mayor about the said problem, the latter told her that he too has no water in his house at Abigail Subdivision, also in Luinab.

She said that the Mayor asked him why she did not approach the latter when he was not yet in prison.

She allegedly replied that she went to the Office of the Mayor but she was not able to get inside Regencia’ chamber because she was told by the latter’s Chief of Staff that the Mayor was not around.

Allegedly, she told Regencia that on his second visit to the Mayor’s Office, she was told by Chief of Staff Alquisola that the Mayor was out of town though in fact the Mayor was inside his Office.

The Mayor allegedly blurted in and anger saying, “Di na ko gustong hisgotan pa nang anaconda (I do not like any mention of anaconda anymore)” and began shouting invectives.

“Mga traydor mo!,” the Mayor allegedly said in a very loud voice.

Antolihaw continued that at this juncture, Vilma allegedly said, “Gipangulitawhan man ni sila ni Sabarre (They are being courted by Sabarre), Mayor.”

She said that the Mayor allegedly scolded her in a very loud voice and called her a traitor.

She allegedly explained in a low voice but the Mayor continued to scold and even told her to go away.

Told to go away, she allegedly cried and walked away grumbling.

She narrated that while she was already at a distance, the Mayor came after her, held her by the mouth that her upper lip bleed and held her by the neck with both hands.

Then allegedly, while the Mayor was still holding her neck with his left hand, he jabbed his right arm, crooked at the elbow, against her left breast.

She alleged that the Mayor let her go only when men believed to be the latter’s bodyguards pulled her away.

She claimed that she suffered injuries on her upper lip, neck and base of the left ear.

She also said that her left breast was swollen.

The log book of the City Jail mentioned that Antolihaw was “trying to extort money for votes.”

On the other hand, a facebook account supposedly owned by the Local Government of Iligan stated that Antolihao told the Mayor that she is really his supporter but she is going around with Mayoralty candidate Sabarre for money.

The Mayor reportedly got angry and a heated discussion ensued. Reportedly, Antolihaw was led away to stop the trouble.

Efforts to get the side of the Mayor were futile since Media people are not allowed to get any official statement (from him). TNRS
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