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Jasmin Adta Magangcong runs for Marantao mayor

Madam Jasmin Adta Magancong,
right seated, aspirant for mayor in 
Marantao municipality, is seen with 
Taraka incumbent mayor Naseebah 
Gandamra Sumagyanan, left seated, 
and others during the recent visit of 
Mar Roxas to Marawi City to be 
conferred with the title of Datu and 
meet his leaders and supporters. RSO

Rocaya Sumndad Otical-NoorYahya
Marawi City, Lanao del Sur 

Many a new face in the mayoral contests of different municipalities in Lanao del Sur are surfacing for the 2016 national and local elections, all bringing hope with them for a bright future of the Maranao community.

Among them is Jasmin Adta Magangcong who is running for the chief executive of the local government of Marantao municipality.

She runs under the umbrella of the rulling Liberal Party (LP) against Marantao incumbent mayor Racma Abinal who is running under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

Abinal used to be the LP standard bearer in Marantao but joined UNA in this year’s elections.

Her husband, Mohammad Abinal, is a candidate for provincial vice governor under UNA with Marawi City Mayor Sultan Fahad “Pre” Salic for provincial governor.

Bae Soraya Alonto Adiong, mother of incumbent Governor Bombit Adiong is LPs standard bearer in Lanao del Sur.

Her son Bombit runs as vice governor under her.

Jasmin told The New Ranao Star that her joining the political exercises is due to her concern and love of Marantao.

Meanwhile, Jasmin’s father Sultan Bangcola A. Adtha, a member of the 16 Royal Houses of Lanao said that Jasmin is running for mayor of Marantao to effect needed reforms for the benefit of local community members.

He said Bombit personally chose her daughter Jasmin as LP official candidate for mayor of Marantao.

He said Marantao, which comprises 35 barangays, will see a four-cornered fight in the mayoralty race, which include Tanggote, Adiong, Abinal and Magangcong.

(With story from Phil Pa-alan)

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