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Nasif Marangit aims happy lifestyle

Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

True Faith, Balance Education, Right Income and Healthy Body are among Nasif Marangit's programs for Marawi

A young aspirant for a seat in the Sangguniang Panlungsod of the Islamic City of Marawi believes in the simple and practical approach for attaining peace and order and economic emancipation of the populace amidst the present upheaval besetting the locality.

Nasif Marangit who is running for city councilor this May 2016 elections is former worker of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) assigned in this city from the Listahan project of the department in Region 12.

Marangit said the formula for a happy lifestyle is true faith, balance education, rightfully gained sufficient income and healthy body. “These are my plans for Marawi City,” he said.

Among his programs include Islam, Peace and Justice, Discipline, Arabic and English Formal and Informal Education, Sources of Income, New Opportunities in Business/Agriculture, Multi-level Marketing, Halal Organic Food, Health Care and Support for Peace and Order.

In an interview, Marangit said:

“Power belongs to Allah, He who gives power through the people, like the forthcoming 2016 elections.

“I believe that all of us have good intention to help the public, only with varied or different implementations.”

On PEACE & ORDER, Marangit said:

“With what is going on here in Marawi, it is not easy to achieve peace and order. But we need to help each other. The people have to help their leaders, and likewise the leaders have to help the people in order to attain peace and order. It is said that there will be no leaders without the people, and the people is helpless without leaders. We must be united.”

“We take care of ourselves. We should do our respective responsibilities. We must protect Marawi. Even if one is not from Marawi, he should help in protecting Marawi as the capital of the entire Lanao del Sur, Marawi is the home of all of us Maranao, from Marawi or not.”

As for SECURITY, Marangit said:

“Security depends also on the people, aside from the responsibility of the officials. If you see a crime committed, report it directly to the authorities, and be strong to relate the situation and be the witness of the incident. If you see bad deed, forbid it because that is Islam. In Islam, we have to be strong and brave to forbid evils or bad things, and we have to be strong and brave in enjoining what is right.”

On LIVELIHOOD, Marangit believed there is a need to learn the situation of our people. “As DSWD Area Coordinator, I have known first hand how difficult life is in Marawi City,” he said.

He mentioned that many degree-holders had no jobs. “If a degree-holder cannot land a job, how much more for those who have not finished college, or with no schooling at all? If you ask business people, they always say “CRISIS” what about those who have no income at all. If you ask government employees, all they can answer you is “SALARY IS DELAYED. How about those who are unemployed?”

He lamented that 50 per cent of Marawi populace live in poverty. He said 30 per cent are “FIKR” or jobless, while 10 percent is rich, and the other 10 percent is middle class. “Our people MUST be helped with true livelihood programs,” he stressed.

He said: “Leaders should have programs for alleviating the economy of our people. People living near the lake should given equipment for fishing, farmer be given equipment for farming. Those who now skills like dress-making be given equipment for that skill. They must not be left alone. They must be supervised by the program providers. There should be Return of Investment by those who will be given capital.”

Marangit has some advice on the TRAFFIC PROBLEM of the city. “We have to concentrate on areas where there are heavy traffic jams like the Sarimanok area where traffic was heavy due to the many commercial and institution establishments near it.

“Loading and Unloading should be strictly enforced there. Parking should be strictly regulated by banning double parking. We also know that so many private cars of parents of students in those schools near Sarimanok are contributing to heavy traffic because they park their cars in front of the schools just to wait for their children. This must be stopped,” he said.

BASURA: Marangit said self-discipline is the only solution to the basura problem. There is a need to strengthen ordinances on waste management, he said.

“Cagayan de Oro City has also big problem on basura,” he said, “but they were able to solve it by placing one basura truck for 24 hours in the market where people are required to dispose of their basura, and everytime that truck is full, it brings the wastes to the waste dumping site.”

Marangit called on his brothers and sisters in the City of Marawi and the province of Lanao del Sur to help our leaders and not to lose hope for the bright future of Marawi. He said Marawi was created in the 40s or 70 years already and it should have been a model.

He said:

“My platforms include how education or knowledge be strengthened and developed, leveling up the Arabic and English educations to be balance which is the way for success in this world and in the hereafter. I will work on how to help those who are working for Islam, the madrasah and masajid as well as those ulama or ustadjes giving washiyat in various mosques because if Islam is not improved, we cannot be successful.”

In running for the city council this election, Marangit said he has no personal interest. RSO
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