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Casanain S.P. Bubong Labay leads 
distribution of food stuffs and other 
relief goods to the homeless. RSO
Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.
Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

February 7, 2016

The biggest organization of two-way radio communicators in Mindanao came on Saturday, February 6 to help the victims of a fire that broke in Barrio Saber this City last Tuesday, February 2.

RACE TRACK Radio Club, Frequency No. 14.509 led by Casanain S.P. Bubong Labay, brought food stuffs and other relief goods to the homeless.

Interviews with some of the victims revealed that most of them were not able to save their belongings when fire suddenly struck at about 4:30 A.M.

According to No. 1 Kagawad Muamar Saber, 37 houses were burned and 53 families became homeless.

He said that barangay Chairwoman Rima Taurac was not around when the Racers led by Bubong Labay came bringing relief assistance.

The homeless Muslim families were either accommodated by relatives or are presently renting houses nearby.

Ten Christian Families belonging to the Church of Christ in Marawi are temporarily sheltered in their Meeting Hall.

They said that their elder, 92-year old Fernando Macababayao is still in the hospital due to stress.

Macababayao reportedly came to a deep prayer asking the Almighty to save them when fire began devouring the rear portion of the Meeting Hall.

His daughter who requested anonymity related that the fire slowed down as the firefighters came who trained their hoses on the Meeting Hall and saved the building from total destruction.

On behalf of Barangay Chairwoman Taura, No. 1 Kagawad Muamar Saber thanked Bubong Labay and his group for coming to help their constituents.

It was learned that Bubong Labay is running for Board Member in the forthcoming local elections.

He is known to be generous and helpful to people in times of need especially in emergencies like the recent fire.

Before leaving the scene, Bubong Labay told this writer that the Racer Track Radio Club has members in all major cities throughout Mindanao.
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