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Iligan City
February 18, 2016

Physical injuries inflicted on a female former supporter of the detained Mayor of Iligan was confirmed Tuesday, February 16, by a Medico Legal Examiner.

Appearing before an investigation in aid of legislation of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, City Health Office Medico Legal Examiner Dr. Agripina Gaite testified that in the afternoon of February 11, she examined Yvone Antolihaw y Yancha and found the latter to have a laceration and hematoma on her right chin, redness around the neck, a bruise below the left ear and swelling of her left breast.

Asked what inflicted those injuries, Gaite said Antolihaw told her that the latter’s injuries were inflicted by detained Mayor Celso G. Regencia.

On the other hand lawyer and Regencia Executive Assistant Atty. Dexter Sumaoy reportedly said during the Flag Raising Ceremony of City government employees at the Anahaw Amphitheatre in Buhanginan Hill last Monday morning that Antolihaw was very talkative so she suffered those injuries.

Earlier, Antolihaw told Media that she visited Regencia together with two companions at the latter’s make-shift office inside the City Jail to ask for help on the water problem of Caritas Village in Barangay Luinab.

She also said that in the course of their conversation, Regencia allegedly raised his voice and begun cursing when she mentioned the name of Melchor Alquizola, the former Chief of Staff of the Mayor.

Further she mentioned that Regencia got very angry when one of her companions told him that she and her members were being courted by mayoralty candidate Cocoy Sabarre.

She was allegedly commanded to go away by Regencia and she heeded but walked away grumbling.

While she was already walking away at a distance, the detainee allegedly went after and attacked her causing injuries on her chin, neck and left breast.

City Jail logbook stated that she was “trying to extort money for votes.”

She, however, said that money was not mentioned in their discussion as the subject matter was the water problem of Caritas Village.

Up to this writing the Mayor has not given any statement regarding the alleged incident.

He has not also called a press conference where he is now to tell his side of the alleged incident.
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