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Ditsaan Ramain town mayor AnnienMacarampat (2nd from left) 
and other municipal leaders pose a momentum shot with Vice 
Presidential candidate Leni Robredo's eldest daughter Aika
during her visit to the municipality Monday representing her 
mother as guest speaker. ROCAYA SUMNDAD OTICAL

March 7, 2016

Residents of this old community, mostly women, stood in applause many times Tuesday on the opening of International Women’s month in the municipal gym as they expressed eagerness to support the Vice Presidential candidate of the Liberal Party in the coming May Elections.

Mayor Anna Mahlynne Abedin Macarampat told the New Ranao Star that they invited Vice Presidential Candidate Leni Robredo as their Guest Speaker during the occasion.

However, due to conflicts of schedules, the candidate was represented by her eldest daughter, Aika, who told the very attentive audience about her mother.

She said that her mother is not just an ordinary widow, riding on the popularity of her late husband but one who has served the cause of women and the poor for many years.

Leni Robredo, she said, got married at the early age of 22 just after she finished college.

Leni took up law while teaching in school, caring for her children and her husband who was then the Mayor of Naga City, in Camarines, her daughter related.

Leni flunked the first time she took the bar as she had to go home just a week before the examinations for Aika got sick of dengue but she passed on the second attempt, Aika added.

As a lawyer, she worked at the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) and handled cases of jail inmates who cannot afford to hire a private Counsel, said her daughter.

Finally, she left the Public Attorney’s office and worked in a non-government organization that serve women and women’s organizations for about ten years, Aika said.

Leni, accordingly established the “Liga ng Kababaehan” in their City.

When the late Jessie Robredo died, people asked Leni to run for Congress, Aika narrated.

Aika said that she and her two sisters were opposed to her running but finally they acceded when they accepted that it may be a call that should not be defied.

Leni was elected Congresswoman and she filed many bills among them the “Freedom of Information Bill” which she hopes to be passed into law.

Again when Leni was asked to run for Vice President she and her siblings were opposed at the start but finally they have given way and are now campaigning for her.

Aika said that probably when elected as Vice President, women woud have a high official that will look after the cause of women.

Asked of her impression of Ditsaan Ramain and Lanao del Sur, she said that the place is very beautiful and could be developed into a tourist destination. The New Ranao Star
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