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Obedience to the Law

In grade school one of the popular comic strips that we enjoy seeing and reading was entitled, “There Ought to be a Law.”

It was about incidents that smacks of misdemeanors or crimes that are supposed to be punishable by law – if there was a law prohibiting it.

Today, thanks to the efficiency or inefficiency of our legislative bodies laws have been established to govern almost every aspect of everyday human life.

But one would sigh and say, “There ought to be obedience to the law!”

One of the laws probably created for violation rather than compliance of all concerned is, “The Fair Elections Law.”

Acts are defined and declared unlawful like the display of political propaganda in places other than those designated by the Commission of Elections (COMELEC) as “Common Display Area.”

But campaign propaganda materials are displayed, posted and hanged anywhere and as far as the eyes can see.

If our candidates cannot follow laws and rules as simple as those defined in this very simple piece of legislation, how can we expect them to obey complicated laws such as the Anti- Graft and Corrupt Practices Act?

There are few exceptions of course. In Marawi City, some are wondering whether or not former Mayor Omar Solitario Ali is running for Mayor again.

From the boundaries of Marantao and Bubong to the heart of the City, one cannot see tarpaulin posters of Solitario. Is he waiting for the COMELEC to declare common poster areas in the City and tear down those that are not in the proper places?

Likewise, former Mayor Lawrence Lluch Cruz who is running for Congress in Iligan has not yet been seen smiling on giant tarpaulin posters displayed by candidates or their people at will.

Perhaps, Cruz is also waiting for COMELEC to tear down the materials from improper places and declare a “common poster area.”

Truth is even if the smile of the candidate is as big as the tarpaulin poster on which it is depicted, if he is seen smiling at the people only during each election period, he will never win.

But when a person’s smile has been imprinted in the hearts and minds of the electorate, a few posters at the properly designated areas would suffice. It just reminds people that the candidate is running and must be voted.

So, why not just obey the laws and show that one is a law abiding citizen and therefore deserves to be voted?

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