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Subejano supporters block with a big bus
the main entrance of the Police Station 4.
(Photo by Irma Boza)

Iligan City, Philippines

A crusading lawyer and radioman known to be a consistent critic of what he finds wrong in the way the government is ran surrendered and was detained at Police Station 4, at 6 PM, March 15, after knowing that a Warrant of Arrest was issued against him by the Acting Presiding Judge of Regional Trial Court, Branch 4, here.

Atty. Rejoice Subejano, one of the Anchormen of the program “Good Morning Iligan” of Love Radio and a candidate for Councilor under the Liberal Party, was reportedly declared in contempt of Court by RTC Branch 4 Acting Presiding Judge Arthur Abundiente and meted a penalty of 10 days imprisonment.

Subjejano told newsman that the order stemmed from his manifestation in open court that sometime last year, the said Judge accompanied suspended Mayor Celso G. Regencia to the house of Vice Mayor Lacson Lantud of Pantao Ragat, Lanao del Norte to borrow money.

He said that the manifestation was raised to support his argument that the said Judge should inhibit himself in a civil case filed by the said Mayor and others before the Court he was presiding.

He claimed that the Judge did not ask the source of his information who was Commissioner and former Lanao del Norte 2nd District Congressman Abdullah Mangutara.

Aside from the said incident, Subejano said, the contempt Order was also based on allegations that he owns a bogus facebook account that posted contemptuous comments against the said Judge.

He also claimed that the Judge had no proof that he has a bogus account and that he really does not have any bogus account.

The following day after his surrender, RTC Executive Judge Albert Abragan issued a Commitment Order for Subejano to be brought to the City Jail in compliance with the arrest warrant.

Learning about the Commitment Order, over three hundred radio fans and political supporters from various barangays of Iligan City gathered in front of II Police Station 4.

They reportedly resented the transfer of Subejano because he may be in danger considering that one of the targets of his criticism, Mayor Celso Regencia who is accused of Multiple Murder and Multiple Frustrated Murder is still detained there in spite of an Order from the RTC Branch 44 where his case is pending that he should be transferred to the Misamis Oriental Provincial Jail.

Subejano claimed that he had received numerous threats on his life once transferred in Iligan City Jail.

"Makalilisang nga death threats akong nadawat pinaagi sa text message, nga dunay naghulat nako sulod sa city jail (I had received several horrible text messages that somebody is waiting for me inside the City Jail)," he told the media.

Interviews with supporters blocking the entrance of the police station revealed that they are willing to follow the order to transfer Subejano to the City jail on the condition that the two-week old Order of the RTC Branch 44 to transfer Regencia to the Misamis Oriental Provincial Jail must first be executed.

Subejano filed a Petition for Certiorari before the Court of Appeals and was allowed to post a bail in the amount of P50,000 for his temporary liberty.

He was finally released last Friday afternoon.

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