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Taraka mayor Nashiba Sumagayan welcomes delegates to the Taraka Peace Covenant Signing by candidates. RSO


By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.

In compliance with COMELEC requirements, a Covenant for Peace was signed by all aspirants in the forthcoming May Elections in the municipality of Taraka at the southeastern shore of Lake Lanao last March 23.

Young Mayor Nasheba G. Sumagayan told newsmen that the signing of the Peace Covenant is just a formality in her municipality because all the candidates for the local government positions including her are running unopposed.

The Covenant signing was spearheaded by KAZALIMBAGO (Change) Movement of the province.

Dr. Padoman Paporo, one of the Movers of KAXALIMBAGO, told the audience that it is the goal of the movement to make the 2016 Elections credible, peaceful and orderly.

In her speech, she said, “Let us pledge in the presence of Allah, that we will have a clean 2016 Elections. Inshallah!”

Among those who signed the covenant were the Sumagayan couple, all the candidates for Vice Mayor and Councilors, Col. Manolo Samarita of the 103rd Brigade and Lt. Col. Ruben Matillano both of the Philippine Army, Supt. Macacuna Dia of the Lanao del Sur Provincial Police Office, Provincial Treasurer Alex Maruhom and other officals.

Mayor Sumagayan told the Press that elections in her municipality are always peaceful as the candidates usually run unopposed.

Selection of leaders in the said town is usually done through the traditional consensus among the people that by the time preparations for formal elections are done, the people have already chosen who to put in the leadership, she revealed.

Sumagayan was a former professor of Mindanao State University who resigned when asked to run for Mayor in 2013.

The town’s constituents chose her to replace her husband Amenodin Sumagayan, a lawyer who stepped down from Office after completing three terms to the satisfaction of the people.

Under her leadership, Taraka became a very clean town, according to her husband Aminodin, fondly called Odin by the townsfolk, who is now running as Assemblyman for the 1st District of Lanao del Sur.

Odin said that through the Barangay Captains, the people have agreed to dig compost pits in every household where all the solid wastes are disposed.

The municipality of Taraka has a land area of 43,543 hectares and a population of about 26 thousand people and around 10,000 registered voters, according to the Municipal Planning and Development Officer.

Generally, the land is flat and mostly cultivated with rice as the main product. There are also fruit, vegetables, trees and bamboos.

Most of the rural folks are farmers and inland fishermen. – The New Ranao Star -

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