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DTI turns over food processor facility to MSU-MSAT

Cooperator Campus Head, MSU-MSAT, Dr. Israel Labastilla and DTI Division Chief-Lanao Del Norte Ms. Nancy G. Echavez cut the ribbon of a gas oven during the turn over ceremony of SSF on common kitchen facility for food processors of Maigo. RS Photo by IRMA BOZA 

The SHARED service facility specifically on common kitchen food processors of Maigo was formally turned over by the Department of Trade and Industry, Lanao del Norte, to Mindanao State University-Maigo School of Arts and Trades (MSU-MSAT) last May 27.

During the program held at Samar building MSU-MSAT, DTI Division Chief-Lanao Del Norte Ms. Nancy G. Echavez gave an overview of the SSF program.

She said that the food processors of Maigo comprising of the members of the Rural Improvement Club (RIC) had a limited production of their food products such as cakes and pastries, jackfruit delicacies as they only use makeshift oven and crude utensils in their houses.

She added that under the situation, they could cater to only limited customers and cannot fill public demand.

It was also learned that MSU-MSAT food technology graduates who had started to venture into food processing business cannot maximize their production due to the absence of food processing equipment.

Starting entrepreneurs who do not have the capacity to acquire the necessary equipment depend only on the available facility at MSU-MSAT.

“Economically, the proposed SSF will improve the lives not only of the processors but of the workers and the processors raw material suppliers as well. In turn the opportunity will give the people an access to a decent standard of living,” Echavez said.

The equipment provided by DTI is composed of a gas oven, stainless working table, stainless dough mixer and stainless dough roller worth P311,000.

The equipment enables the school to help provide an accessible processing facility that can increase production through mechanization while enhancing the sale-ability of the products specifically for those graduates of food technology at MSU-MSAT who are now engaged in business and for Micro Small Enterprise (MSMEs) availing of the services of SSF.

Cooperator Campus Head, MSU-MSAT Dr. Israel Labastilla, expressed his gratitude for the support of DTI Lanao Del Norte through its Shared Services Facilities program and assured that for as long as the beneficiaries are qualified and has enough training they can avail of the kitchen facilities.

“We commit, manage and cooperate in accordance with the guidance manual and SSF standard as cooperators to raise production output and its quality to improve productivity,” said Labastilla. The New Ranao Star

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