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(Editorial) People’s Health and Well-being must be Top Priority

That the Department of Health (DOH) is making access to health care easier to the people at the barangays is a welcome news.

Last weekend, DOH distributed TSeKap Equipment to 39 Rural Health Units (RHUs) and 98 Barangay Health Stations (BHSs) throughout the province of Lanao del Sur.

It was said that similar Equipments were also distributed in the province of Maguindanao and distribution will be made nationwide.

The activity was accordingly being done to make provide easier access to the people.

Indeed many people have died in our country due to lack of health care or the absence of it.

Many barangay folks have not even developed the habit of going to their Barangay Health Service Centers because they thought it necessary to seek health services when they are already sick or probably because they thought these facilities do not have suitable equipment.

Little do the people know that Diabetes and High Blood Pressure can be prevented if the warning signs are detected early.

Distribution of the TSeKaP (Tamang Serbisyo sa Kalusugan at Pamilya) Equipment may be the answer to high illness and mortality rates at the grassroots level.

Blood sugar content and high blood pressure can be detected through the Glucometer and BP apparatus that are part of the equipment package.

Likewise, a non-contact thermometer can tell that the patient has fever even if the Health Care provider does not touch the individual.

Nonetheless, the distribution of PSeKaP Equipment may not be useful enough if the people are not well informed.

The habit of coming to the Health Care Service providers for consultation or examination must be encouraged by all.

The public officials, school personnel and the Media must help educate and inform the general public that such services are now available.

A healthy populace is the best asset that a country must possess.

The New Ranao Star

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