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Drug dealers offer P50 million for Duterte’s head

The media reported that drug syndicates have put up P50 million to kill President-Elect Rodrigo R. Duterte. Earlier, ranking police official revealed that drug dealers who are detained in Metro Manila jails are offering P 10 million for his head. 

Reports have it that the drug dealers were annoyed by the fast, swift, effective and efficient operations of law enforcement agencies including the Philippine Drugs Enforcement Administration (PDEA) encouraged by President-elect Duterte through the rewards incentives to anyone who can arrest drug dealers and bust their drugs operations.

It was learned that President-elect Duterte used his unspent campaign funds as rewards for anyone who can arrest drug dealers and bust their operations.

The incentive rewards reportedly encouraged law enforcement agencies to work harder and faster which led to the series of arrests of drug dealers, confiscations of drugs, equipment, gadgets and paraphernalia, with even some drug dealers killed and wounded in gunfights during raids.
Presumably, the award offered by drug dealers for the head of President elect Duterte was aimed at eliminating ‘roadblocks’ in their drugs business.

Offering an award of P10 million by drug dealers for the head of President elect Duterte comes as a sign of mediocrity or even a joke for some people. Observers opined that no one will accept an offer with a too small reward for a big fish knowing the dangers they are up to if they commit mistakes.

The target package is no ordinary mortal, as he is the most powerful and influential personality in the country today.

In addition, the “package” is a veteran political leader who has served the judiciary for sometime.

To top it all, he is an upcoming world leader whose character and capability can not be taken for granted. Definitely, he knows his business unbelievably well.

Clearly, the offered reward and the target package are grossly incongruous.

Surely, the target package is worth more than that, and singing to the tune of billions of pesos, which the drug dealers may hardly afford.


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