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Editorial: Governance in Cebu and in Lanao del Sur: The contrasting difference


In Cebu, a barangay councilman was arrested by two city hall employees and put to police detention Friday night. Reason: he failed to return a city hall issued vehicle.

Of course, the vehicle did not belong to him. It belongs to the public and, like any other government property issued to officials, it was issued to him to be an effective public servant. But he was using it beyond what is allowable by law.

But In Lanao del Sur, a barangay chairman even if he is no longer holding the position keeps not only the car supplied to him to perform his responsibilities but also the barangay hall built during his incumbency from people’s money.

He uses the car for personal and family use and the hall for his personal or family residency.

In other localities, we don’t experience LGUs coming to newspapers like us to publish a notice of bidding of government projects which are already (or supposed to be) implemented and therefore such publication should be antedated to make it appear it was published long before the project was awarded.

But in Lanao del Sur, some people came to us to do this kind of illegality which we are told has been done by other newspapers, including regionwide ones.

Of course, even if the New Ranao Star is only a small weekly paper, we try our best to abide with existing journalism ethics. We do not publish those irregularities.

These are only tip of the iceberg, and, it is our fervent prayers that authorities especially those who brag of reforms shall look deeper into these. And seriously.

With all his strict staunch against corruption, we look forward that Duterte will put a stop to this kind of graft and corruption when he assumes office at the end of this month? The New Ranao Star

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