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Marawi, summer tourism capital of the south no more


Marawi used to be and is still a pride of the Maranaos. It is their city, they love to call Islamic, and, so cool, it was dubbed by tourism doyens as the summe r capital of the south.
Marawi is the capital and center of commerce and trade of Lanao del Sur. It hosts the prime state university, Mindanao State University, and the many Islamic colleges not found in any other part of the country.

In fact, Dansalan - Marawi’s former name before Congress changed it to its present name in 1955 - was the oldest city in Mindanao and the capital of the Moro Province during the American occupation. It was choice made because of its cultural advancement, strategic location and best climate and environment.

The city was so beautiful and indeed, despite the stink smelling and sore to the eye basura that is presently tagged of the city, it is still beautiful.

But Marawi is summer tourism capital of the south no more after all the images and environs have been tagged negatively of it.

And Marawians, nowadays, have to go somewhere far from the city for two major reasons, among others: 

One is they couldn’t stand the smell stinking basura or waste practically scattered over many parts of the city; and, two is they have to migrate out of their beloved city because of the growing criminalities engulfing them mostly attributed to ambitions for power and illegal drugs proliferation.

Our only question is don’t we have true leaders to solve these nemesis? 

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