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(Dateline Iligan) Former Lanao Kagawad Killed

By Sita Asequia

A former Kagawad of Munai, Lanaodel Norte was shot dead Tuesday night, June 21, while walking with friends near Dunkin Donut Fast Foods along Aguinaldo Street, this City, according to a police report.

The fatality was identified as PauracBatalo y Dansal, 38 years old, married and a resident of Poblacion, Munai, Lanaodel Norte.

The report said that the incident was witnessed by ElvertLadio y Maghinay, 27 years old, a security guard of HJY Merchandise and a resident of PurokSantan, Santa Filomena, here.

Ladion said that the victim was walking at the said place with friends when suddenly a man followed him, aimed a gun at his head and fired.

The victim reportedly waved and the bullet missed him hitting the roll-up door of Party Mix (Cakes and D├ęcor Supplies)/Habagat Outdoor Equipment, he narrated.

Ladion continued that the victim tried to escape but the gunman shot him again hitting his thigh that he fell face down on the sidewalk.

While the victim was lying face down on the pavement, the gunman shot him twice hitting the back of his body and the rear portion of his head.

After the incident, the gunman boarded a maroon Nissan Sentra, bearing Plate No. 484 that drove away toward an unknown destination.

Responding policemen found that the victim had no pulsebeat anymore.

Investigators found 2 fired .45 caliber cartridges and 2 unfired/dud bullets from the scene.

The report said that the body was immediately taken by his family and brought to Munai, Lanaodel Norte.

According to the report the police immediately conducted a dragnet operation for possible identification and apprehension of the perpetrator and to find out the motive of the said incident.

Other sources said that the killing was due to Rido (family feud). However, no suspects were identified. The New Ranao Star

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