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Garbage: Problem or Reality

Garbage is solid waste that should no longer waste the time of people in discussing it.

But almost throughout the country garbage is one thing that is vexing the minds of people from all walks of life.

In the year 2000 the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act was enacted into law. It was thought to solve once and for all the garbage situation in the “pearl of the orient seas.”

It is now 2016 and the garbage is still there. Marawi and Iligan cities are similarly facing bountiful garbage heaps all over.

Few cities like Davao, Olongapo, PuertoPrincesa and, once upon a time, Bacolod and others, have achieved clean garbage-free surroundings.

Hence, some people are tempted to ask, “Is garbage a problem or a reality.” A problem, no matter how complex, can be solved. But reality, like the hotness of the sun, must be accepted.

Some Maranaos often mention that Marawi is “Marumi City” although there are environmentalists in the community who are trying their bests to eliminate the tag.

Others, however, think there is nothing to worry about the situation. “Hindi tayo nag-iisa.” (We are not alone).

Iligan is closing in to keep abreast with Marawi as far as the garbage situation is concerned.

All over the City, there are mounds of garbage – some scattered on the streets by stray dogs – that take weeks before they are hauled away, if at all, by two dilapidated garbage trucks. It seems that the garbage trucks are also becoming garbage.

Instead of finding solutions, those in power find scapegoats to blame. The outgoing SangguniangPanglunsod is the favorite whipping boy. “They block the intentions of our very good Mayor,” is what the Mayor’s Spokesperson keeps on saying over the radio.

The people have elected allies of the Mayor to the SangguniangPanglunsod. Those in power have effectively eliminated what they consider was a barrier. Perhaps, they can now ease up the garbage situation.

In Marawi, let us see what the incoming Administration will do.

If garbage is considered a problem, it can be solved. But if it is accepted as a reality, then Marawi can forever remain “Marumi City.” And it seems that for the Maranaos there is nothing to worry, Iligan is catching up with them.

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