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(Opinion) Fed Up

Some are wondering why a man who talks like a tough guy in the street was chosen by the people to lead the country.

The reason is simple – people are already fed up.

Since Independence, we have been electing decent-talking and looking people in suits and Barong Tagalog (Except Magsaysay) yet our country is sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of drugs, criminality, corruption, illiteracy, poverty and disease.

The people want Change!

In 1965, Presidential Candidate Raul Manglapus in his eloquent English called out, “The time demands a change.”

After 51 years, nothing has changed.

In 1954, Magsaysay’s man Ramon Binamira, identified “Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease” as the major problems of the country.

Today, poverty, illiteracy and disease are very much around. And these are compounded by Drugs, Criminality and Corruption.

For years, Davao City has been a laboratory of good government. Mayor Duterte, incoming President, has demonstrated how a government must be run – properly.

Thus, despite his language, he got the admiration of the people. He appears to be the last resort.

Recent developments prove that the people will cooperate if they are led properly and they trust their leader.

The introduction of the mobile phone has greatly enhanced communication. People can relay information without revealing their identity.
Thus obtaining information regarding anything evil should have been made easy many years ago.

However, too prevalent was corruption that the ordinary citizen cannot tell whom to trust anymore. They fear that they will be reporting on prohibited drugs and crimes to the protectors of these activities.

Only the guy who talks like a “Canto Boy” has revived the people’s trust.

Let all the good people in this country help their idol.
His hatchet man Chief Superintendent Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa has announced, “Just text 2920 and pass the information.”

Now, people, it’s your turn!

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