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3 dead, 1 injured in two separate riding in tandem incident

Another 3 victims fell from assassins’ bullets in two separate incidents in the night of August 8, running to over 20 dead as of last count since the war against drugs began last month, in what seems to be a nightly occurrence in this City of Waterfalls.

Police reported that at around 8 PM, on said date, Teofilo Panangin, 39, and a resident of Zone 2, Bulog Barangay Tambacan was travelling toward barangay Abuno on his Kawasaki motorcycle.

Panangin reportedly stopped at a Variety Store apparently to buy something when two men wearing bonnets riding on another motorcycle drove alongside him.

One of the riders reportedly shot Panangin causing his instant death on the spot.

Police said to have recovered from the crime scene a heat sealed plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu and five fired Calibre .45 cartridges.

In the other incident, Judy Bugtay, 30, and Pablito Cortes, 58, were shot and killed by armed men riding in tandem on a motorcycle along the National Highway, near Highway 13, Tibanga.

A witness told the police that Bugtay on his motorcycle was travelling near Hi-Way 30 while Pablito and Erwin Obeso 35 were riding on a passenger motorcycle (habal-habal) 50 meters following Bugtay.

Two men on board another motorcycle reportedly drove alongside of Bugtay and shot him on the neck causing the victims death.

The perpetrators then allegedly drove back to Cortes and Obeso and fired at the duo.

Cortes was killed on the spot while Obeso, wounded on the ankle escaped from the scene.

Report identified Bugtay was a new drug user.

Authorities are still investigating the two separate incidents to determine the motive of the crime. IRMA BOZA

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